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Bach's St Matthew's Passion

Did you see Some of you may have seen this broadcast on BBC4 last night. If not, here it is on youtube. Just follow the link.
This was a "promenade performance" of Bach's St Matthew Passion in Campfield Market building in Manchester. The Sixteen are a renowned choral ensemble. Streetwise Opera is a voluntary arts group working with the homeless and rough sleepers.
I found the performance profoundly moving

22nd April Members' Annual Dinner

Peasehill House24 Harrogate Road Rawdon LS19 6HJ

Members please contact Christine Lacy to book for meal at 7.00 pm 22nd April 2016

Next Concert, Summer 2016

Summer Concert Friday 15 July 2016Venue St Chad's Parish Centre Otley Road, LS16 5JT Rehearsals in St Margaret's Parish centre
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