Kate Woodruff: eulogy

Mum was an utterly. excellent. mum.
You could say I am biased. But I’m not just talking about standard mum skills. Yes, she was endlessly supportive of our choices in terms of education / travel / careers / relationships. Obviously. But it’s the little details that really demonstrate it - She would not just write with love, but all love at the end of every letter, email or text message. She was respectful of our musical taste, even if this was a bit dubious at times.  Ellie and I got a christmas stocking every year, until probably only 2 years ago when we had to suggest we were too old. Whenever I came home, there’d always be a small bunch of hand picked flowers in my room, to make it feel homely…
We knew mum was outstanding as a mum before, and it remains unchanged. What I want to share are a few details I’ve gathered, that show mum was extraordinary in all corners of her world, not just the ones we might know best.
She was born in Leicestershire, so that’s why if we bought pork pies t…

In memoriam

For all who could not attend Kate's funeral, or who did not get an order of Service, here it is, with many thanks to Laurie and Ellie Woodruff:

We had a lovely day: tears, laughter, song, prayers and cake. Kate would have loved it! Rest in peace, dearest Kate.

Autumn Concert 2016


Summer Concert

Rhythm of Life:
Sounds of Simon and Garfunkel:
Autumn Leaves:
Somewhere over the rainbow:
Night and Day:

Bach's St Matthew's Passion

Did you see Some of you may have seen this broadcast on BBC4 last night. If not, here it is on youtube. Just follow the link.
This was a "promenade performance" of Bach's St Matthew Passion in Campfield Market building in Manchester. The Sixteen are a renowned choral ensemble. Streetwise Opera is a voluntary arts group working with the homeless and rough sleepers.
I found the performance profoundly moving

22nd April Members' Annual Dinner

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